November 19th, 2019

Employee Blog Series: “Take Your Time”

By: Brandon Smart

It has been a great year working at Brecon Foods as the assistant controller. In that time, I have learned a great deal, and developed beyond the man that I was when I entered this office. I’m hoping this blog post will serve as a glimpse of the growth that I have experienced.

My lessons at Brecon are rooted in the exceptional people I have had the honor to work with; I am humbled by their collective experiences in the food trading, logistics, accounting and quality assurance industries.

As far as the accounting goes, I will do my best to make this article as relatable as possible.

On my first day, I shook hands with the president of Brecon, Mr. Richard Morgan. As I walked towards my desk, his last words to me were “take your time.”

Prior to that moment, I had the idea that the more work you can achieve in an hour, the better you are.

In any work role, it is inevitable that mistakes are made but in accounting, they can really cost your business if they go uncorrected.

Now, through taking my time, I have learned to calm my mind and deeply focus on my journal entries, excel worksheets and all the other great things we accountants are known for. The result have been that my work is much more accurate and reliable. I am especially grateful for the patience of Brecon’s controller, Mrs. Silvana Cavaiuolo, for the time she invested in training me.

So, no matter what you do, take your time; don’t rush and you’ll be astounded at how much your work will improve.

I wish all the subscribers of this newsletter continued success.

Best always,

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