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Global Food Merchants: The Story of Us

History and Founding of Our Company

Established in 1990 and built upon such core family values as trust, integrity, honesty and respect, we at Brecon Foods are international leaders in the frozen food industry, providing customized, responsive and intelligent solutions that consistently exceed expectations and align with growth objectives.

Whether you require specific or more extensive end-to-end support, such as logistical planning, documentation services, finance options and sales/procurement expertise, our ‘customer-first’ approach at Brecon Foods is committed to finding solutions and to help you achieve your business goals. This is what sets our family-run business apart from the rest:

We listen to your needs. We learn about your opportunities. We get to know you. Then, we leverage our extensive market knowledge, business know-how and network of well established contacts to map out a strategy that will get your product to market both on time and on budget.

global food merchant

With customers and suppliers on 6 continents and in over 60 countries, specializing in all major frozen-food segments, Brecon Foods works hard for your success. Whether it’s continuously sourcing new and developed markets, ensuring your shipment complies with all port-of-entry and customer requirements, carrying out regular on-site quality control inspections with growers and end users, or providing a full suite of private label package-design services and more, we deliver an unparalleled level of service, flexibility and real-time specialized knowledge for one reason: Because your values and dedication to excellence are our values, too.