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By Matthew Whetstone

Brecon’s Quality Assurance program is important because it allows our customers to feel confident about the product and supplier we are offering.

When we are looking to source an item for a customer, I like to talk to Mel our Director of Quality first to see if there is a good fit. Aligned expectations throughout our supply chain is in everyone’s best interest and provides more opportunity for future growth. Mel’s analysis goes beyond the documents to match the right partners throughout the supply chain.. If a customer is freeze drying IQF fruit, we want a supplier that has a strong control over their food safety management program.

An SQF practitioner with a Master in Food Science, Sebastien our Director in Food Safety, is well equipped to identify strong facilities, and is able to take an analytical approach and resolve any claim.

Our MAP reviews all these factors on an annual basis, and gives our team the tools we need to make better informed decisions. Continuous Improvement is at the core of everything we do, by focusing on quality, the upfront cost is generally a little higher, but our partner satisfaction is up, which results in a net gain for everyone.