BReCon’s BRC Certificated

Unlocking Excellence: Brecon Foods’ BRC Certification Benefits

At Brecon Foods, we’re excited to share the outstanding advantages that our BRC AA Certification brings to you. Our commitment to your satisfaction and safety has reached new heights, and we’re here to show you how.

Ready to explore the advantages firsthand? Connect with your dedicated Account Representative today. They’re eager to chat, answer questions, and discuss how Brecon Foods’ BRC Certification aligns with your needs.

“Excellent and Very Professional Service”

“Top Shelf Service”

“Service and Responsiveness are great”

“A Reliable Partner”

“Thank you for all the great work you all do”


  • Client focused Quality Program

  • Foreign Body Controls

  • Microbiological Controls

  • Allergens Controls

  • Specifications

  • Regulatory Requirements

Discover how our products consistently meet and exceed industry standards, enhancing your brand equity.


Learn how our certification streamlines your compliance efforts, making your operations smoother. Our BRC audited processes ensure that best practices are implemented and followed from Field to Freezer.


Our BRC Certification provides you with the confidence in knowing that all our global sourcing solutions consistently meet International food safety standards.

  • Over 300 GFSI vendors across 60 countries worldwide

  • Partner with peace of mind